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Canada Day Vinyl (Part 4)

(In case you’re wondering what happened to Part 3, click HERE). We’re returning now to some proper (and obscure) Canadiana for Part 4 of this afternoon/evening’s pre-Canada Day record binge, this ‘On Any Street Corner‘  by BUSKER. Yes. ALL IN … Continue reading

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Tempo Spin

It’s been a pretty decent day work-wise and training-wise. The weather is still fucking retardedly cold, windy and shitty so I’m having to suck it up and head inside to the Fort Erie YMCA for a 60 minute boring-ass trainer … Continue reading

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Family Day Vinyl (Part 4)

(Click HERE for Part 3 of the Family Play record playlist) It’s getting into the evening now and, so far so good – a state of peace and tranquility has managed to maintain itself over our humble household. That means … Continue reading

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Sittin’ Here in Limbo

I got snookered into taking HRH  to “the barn” (which, I’m hoping isn’t the current hip vernacular for “hey, let’s take lots of drugs and shoot guns while our parents think we’re grooming horses and throwing hay at one another”). … Continue reading

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Saturday Evening Vinyl (Part 2)

Kelly made some amazing potato and leak soup with about the freshest bread I’ve ever had and now we’re moving onto the next phase of the evening’s listening pleasures, ‘Duke‘  by Genesis. Don’t tell HRH this is Phil Colli – … Continue reading

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With my “dreadmill” run behind me, I’m also going to try and ease my back slowly into my daily on the mat routine, not that throwing around wooden skids all last week doesn’t constitute itself as a “core” workout mind … Continue reading

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Sunday Evening Vinyl (Part 2)

Now that dinner’s ready, we’re moving onto Part 2 of this evening’s vinyl listening pleasures, ‘Breakfast In America‘  by Supertramp. C’mon, seriously, who’s parents didn’t have this in their collection growing up? Well, okay, not mine. But my parents didn’t … Continue reading

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