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It was November 11th when I last did my home core on my mat workout; that’s over two week ago.  My bad.  Anyway, it’s time then to set that plan back in motion with the ‘Birdy‘  soundtrack by Peter Gabriel. … Continue reading

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Well, it’s officially Halloween.  That means one more eerie, creepy album to ring in the occasion while lifting the heavy iron following my 3250m swim.  And it better be a good session too given how much candy I’m likely to … Continue reading

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Functional Strength/Core

Now that long, boring ass run is over with I still have time for a quick functional strength/core session before teaching my Masters spin class, so what better way to follow up a proper Nick Cave “Gloomfest” than with the … Continue reading

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Long Run (10k)

Something wicked definitely this way comes as the entire Niagara Region is now under a severe weather warning and while this might be perfect for my official long Halloween-themed run today, the thought of getting caught in anything resembling yesterday’s … Continue reading

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Spooky Saturday Vinyl

This morning, I enjoyed a very wet and wild “Giro d’Ridgeway” ride (57.74k) through Sherkston, Port Colbourne, Bethel, Stevensville and, of course, Ridgeway.  Afterwards there was an awesome hot lunch (and a pint or two, maybe even three) courtesy of … Continue reading

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Drills/Easy Run (7.34)

There’s just a few days left until Halloween which means there’s two, maybe three, workouts left to embrace somber and spooky Halloween themed albums.  Today’s 2fer workout begins with this easy 7.34k drill to the ‘Livonia‘  album by His Name … Continue reading

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It feels like I have a ridiculous amount of stress to burn off lately, or so it feels anyway.  To that regard it’s another stressbuster today with 3200m  in the pool followed up with this 60 minute He-man session with … Continue reading

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