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Functional Strength/Core

Get this:  I’m up early.  Yup.  Well, earlier than usual anyway (6:00am).  I accomplished this 2300m swim and afterwards, this 30 minute functional strength/core session with this ‘White Chalk‘  album by P.J. Harvey. The quiet ones are always the scariest. … Continue reading

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Easy Run (6k)

The plan was to start up the ‘ol run program this afternoon now that the weather is cooler and Autumn’s palette is in full bloom but, oh no, Mother Nature (the bitch she is) had different ideas so here I … Continue reading

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Easy Run (7k)

Today is Run Day.  Yay.  However, there is no planned leaping, prancing or skipping drills this afternoon, just 7k worth of slow tempo, fat burning, “moob”-crushin’, easy jogging intervals.  I figured I should keep it on the mellow side then … Continue reading

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Flight WS662 from Calgary to Toronto (Part 3)

We’re almost  home, thank Christ! My last album for this trip is ‘The Avenues‘  by Lera Lynn. Released in 2015 on Universal Music, Lynn herself describes her own music as “country noir,” and it is an apt description.  Rolling Stone … Continue reading

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Yoga Stretch

Four more days of “Iron Build” before the taper.  C’mon taper!  Sweet, sweet taper. Today’s tasks involved another early morning 73k tempo ride with lots of strong pulls at the front of the group into the wind and later on, … Continue reading

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Speed Run (9.47k)

It’s my last week of “Iron Build” before I begin my all-haloed taper, and the whole shebang begins with  running another 9.47k worth of 300m (10x) intervals.  Well, okay, I did swim 3600m this morning, but this is the workout … Continue reading

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Yoga Stretch

On top of this afternoon’s core workout (not to mention this mornings easy 2000m drill swim and easy ride w/ HRH this after work) is this slow and gentle yoga stretch before tending to my Masters spin class.  My listening … Continue reading

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