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Easy Run (6.10k)

It was damp and bleak outside earlier and, thankfully, it wasn’t also retarded cold.  A few hours along and the temp is still the same (cool but pleasant) but now the sun has peaked out from behind the clouds and … Continue reading

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Long Run (9.54k)

Sunday’s are usually my go-to long run day but for the last three weeks, well, I just wasn’t feeling it [stupid calf (click HERE) stupid illness], so I’m trying to get this long distance program kick-started once again today. God … Continue reading

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It was November 11th when I last did my home core on my mat workout; that’s over two week ago.  My bad.  Anyway, it’s time then to set that plan back in motion with the ‘Birdy‘  soundtrack by Peter Gabriel. … Continue reading

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Well, it’s officially Halloween.  That means one more eerie, creepy album to ring in the occasion while lifting the heavy iron following my 3250m swim.  And it better be a good session too given how much candy I’m likely to … Continue reading

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Functional Strength/Core

Now that long, boring ass run is over with I still have time for a quick functional strength/core session before teaching my Masters spin class, so what better way to follow up a proper Nick Cave “Gloomfest” than with the … Continue reading

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Long Run (10k)

Something wicked definitely this way comes as the entire Niagara Region is now under a severe weather warning and while this might be perfect for my official long Halloween-themed run today, the thought of getting caught in anything resembling yesterday’s … Continue reading

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Spooky Saturday Vinyl

This morning, I enjoyed a very wet and wild “Giro d’Ridgeway” ride (57.74k) through Sherkston, Port Colbourne, Bethel, Stevensville and, of course, Ridgeway.  Afterwards there was an awesome hot lunch (and a pint or two, maybe even three) courtesy of … Continue reading

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