I run.  A lot.  In fact, I’m pretty obsessive compulsive about it.  I also spin, lift weights, swim, do yoga, and whatever else comes to mind…but I do run.

A lot.

I’m also pretty obsessive compulsive about the music I listen to while doing these things as it tends to dictate the very nature of the particular motion involved.  Other times I just listen to music without doing much else…simply because, well, I can.

This blog chronicles the diverse music I listen to daily during all my workouts (and otherwise) from the faster paced albums that might drive my tempo and speed workouts, to the edgier albums that might inspire me while lifting weights, to the more easy going joyful albums that tend to soothe me on my yoga mat.  Sometimes the workout is just a convenient excuse to listen to something from my collection that I haven’t listened to in a long, long time.

It’s all good.

It all moves.

It’s all music in motion.

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