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Vinyl Sunday

It’s been the ideal day honestly. I managed an early 30k bike ride with Lucio, completed a few more painting projects in the garage, managed to get the lawn cut despite the mower shitting the bed Friday evening, and I … Continue reading

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Killin’ Bugs (Part 1)

It’s currently 34°C (feels like 40°) which, really, it just a more specific way of saying it’s fucking gross out, and I still have another seven hours of sweaty work to accomplish.  So, my hot and gross task #1″ this … Continue reading

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Vinyl Sunday (Part 2)

I installed a cat door today. Well, truthfully, my amazing neighbor did the actual “installing” part but I did pay very close attention, held down the door while he worked, plugged in the jigsaw, and even fetched us coffees … … Continue reading

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It’s been a helluva week, knowhatimsayin? The Coronavirus is (quite literally) on everyone’s mind and lips.  Professional sporting leaques have shut down their regular season play, the Juno’s are being postponed, big concerts and performances have been rescheduled or outright … Continue reading

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Chillin’ Like a Villain

It’s a bright and chipper Friday morning in February and while I wait for Kelly’s car to get it’s annual oil change, I’m hanging out across the road at the local Starbucks with my book (‘The Vagabonds: The Story of … Continue reading

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Last day of this blustery weekend and I have a few tasks and errands to accomplish today while HRH continues to sleep off her sickness. Before all that, however, I’m completing Day 78 of my “Core Project” with this seemingly … Continue reading

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Tempo Spin

Okay, time to get seriously sweaty in the saddle with this ‘Promised Heights‘ album by Cymande. I really enjoyed the last album I listened to by these British funksters but, if you recall — I was cruising in the middle … Continue reading

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Cruise n’ Snooze

Today is an “At Sea” day meaning, there’s not a lot to do this afternoon but lay around, graze, snooze, read and, of course … … drink your face off. So, yeah: “GENTLEMEN, START YOUR ENGINES!!” Kicking off our day … Continue reading

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Cruise Run/Walk (11.11k)

We did it bitches! As a family, we successfully traversed 2,321.9km (adding an extra hours worth for a slight detour) down through the heart of ‘Mercia, starting out Christmas morning (at the ripe hour of 4:00am no less!) and ultimately … Continue reading

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Christmas Vacation Vinyl (Part 3)

I’m still on the couch and still doing as little as possible. I will, however, get up to switch over to this ‘A Nonesuch Christmas: From the Baroque, Renaissance and Middle Ages‘ record. Heroes don’t always wear capes. Guess who’s … Continue reading

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