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Sammiches and a Snooze

Believe it or not, in the absence of having anything to train toward coupled with the urgency to STAY THE FUCK HOME, I have begun to embrace a bit more of my “inner-manly man” … rather, I’ve been spending time … Continue reading

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Skipped my morning gym plan, but getting it together instead before my Masters Spin Class with this ‘Tearing at the Seams‘ record by Nathaniel Ratliff. Who can blame Rateliff for not wanting to mess with success? After chipping away as … Continue reading

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Guess who finally dragged his lazy out of bed this morning to get to the gym and actually lift something? This morning’s Hem-man session with the heavy iron is set to this ‘Busted Jukebox: Vol. 2‘ album by Shovels & … Continue reading

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Easy Run (5.56k)

My second outside early morning run in a week. Yup. Whoopee shit, I know. Anyway, this morning’s early morning 5.56k run revelry is the ‘This Side of Jordan‘ album by Mandolin Orange. This was a recommendation from Uncle Lance. From … Continue reading

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Easy Run/Walk (4.7k)

Alright!  Here we go! This morning’s 30 minutes or bust of continuous forward momentum was set to the ‘Still Feel Gone‘ album by Uncle Tupelo. This has been on my iPod for a while now so, yeah, fuck it … … Continue reading

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Easy Run (5.39k)

And now for my next trick: this random and completely unplanned 5.39k run with the ‘House With No Name‘ album by Horse Feathers. Yup, the bands name is H–O–R–S–E F–E–A–T–H–E–R–S. So, right off the bat: maximum points awarded for creativity. … Continue reading

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Lazy Saturday Vinyl (Part 3)

It’s going to be a while yet before Kelly is going to be settled enough to enjoy either of two surprises I have in store for later on. But, in the meantime, while she finishes fussing in the kitchen there’s … Continue reading

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