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Thursday Evening Vinyl

I’m stressed…the…fuck…out. Between recent developments at work and getting down to the wire with the Ironman schedule, both my mind and body feel 100% fatigued.  And then there’s the long run early tomorrow morning to deal with, the double run … Continue reading

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FINALLY! Sweet relief release from work so I’m heading to the gym for a quick He-man session with the heavy iron.  This evening’s listening pleasure is the ‘Mutations‘  album by Beck. ‘Mutations’  is the 3rd studio album and 6th overall, … Continue reading

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Fartlek Run (9.53k)

As much as I am loathe to do so, I have to begin getting back into my regular fartlek runs and this evening, is my first stab at recouping my once proud run fitness.  It’s certainly not going to be … Continue reading

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Friday In Corporate Hell (Part 2)

Next up on my Corporate Hell vinyl playlist this morning is another album I grabbed on the cheap while in Texas, the ‘Wild Tales‘ album by Graham Nash. And, yes, I’m indulging in my growing collection of Dad Rock at … Continue reading

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Thursday Afternoon in Corporate Hell

I’ve survived the morning here in Corporate Hell.  Amazeballs.  Now I just have a few hours to endure before I can bunk out of here early to the doctor’s and, hopefully, get my clearance to resume my swim training.  Fingers … Continue reading

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Drills/Easy Run (6.14k)

I had a great holiday weekend.  Besides the stupid amounts of turkey and pie I shoved into my mouth, I also completed a fun 40k ride thanksgiving morning and then HRH  and I successfully accomplished our epic ride into St. … Continue reading

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Drills/Easy Run (4.25k)

I’m pretty much on client calls all day today, which fine given I don’t necessary have a lot to accomplish today training wise.  Later this evening I have my weekly “long ride” with the kiddo, leaving only this short 30 … Continue reading

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