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Flight WS662 from Calgary to Toronto (Part 2)

While Kelly indulges in a chick flick, I’m switching off on the Canadiana for the time being and tuning in to some Dad Rock instead with the ‘Upside Down Mountain‘  album by Conor Oberst. This 2014 album ( a debut … Continue reading

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Thursday Evening Vinyl

I’m stressed…the…fuck…out. Between recent developments at work and getting down to the wire with the Ironman schedule, both my mind and body feel 100% fatigued.  And then there’s the long run early tomorrow morning to deal with, the double run … Continue reading

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FINALLY! Sweet relief release from work so I’m heading to the gym for a quick He-man session with the heavy iron.  This evening’s listening pleasure is the ‘Mutations‘  album by Beck. ‘Mutations’  is the 3rd studio album and 6th overall, … Continue reading

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Fartlek Run (9.53k)

As much as I am loathe to do so, I have to begin getting back into my regular fartlek runs and this evening, is my first stab at recouping my once proud run fitness.  It’s certainly not going to be … Continue reading

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Friday In Corporate Hell (Part 2)

Next up on my Corporate Hell vinyl playlist this morning is another album I grabbed on the cheap while in Texas, the ‘Wild Tales‘ album by Graham Nash. And, yes, I’m indulging in my growing collection of Dad Rock at … Continue reading

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Thursday Afternoon in Corporate Hell

I’ve survived the morning here in Corporate Hell.  Amazeballs.  Now I just have a few hours to endure before I can bunk out of here early to the doctor’s and, hopefully, get my clearance to resume my swim training.  Fingers … Continue reading

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Drills/Easy Run (6.14k)

I had a great holiday weekend.  Besides the stupid amounts of turkey and pie I shoved into my mouth, I also completed a fun 40k ride thanksgiving morning and then HRH  and I successfully accomplished our epic ride into St. … Continue reading

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