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I forwent the morning core routine yesterday in favor of participating in a 60 minute boot camp ass-kicking courtesy of Tamara at the St. Catharines YMCA (follow up blog post coming soon), so starting off today’s bike/swim/bike plan is this … Continue reading

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Tempo Spin

I wasn’t sure if I was going tom make it out for this spin this evening.  The original plan was to get out on the mountain bike this afternoon but, well, I napped instead. Oops. So I’m compensating now with … Continue reading

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Wednesday Vinyl

It’s just me and the cats this evening while the cold wind howls outside. Time for Da Blues. ‘New Blues and Gospel‘  by Reverend Gary Davis. I found this a few months back while out thrifting one afternoon while waiting … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon Vinyl

I enjoyed a nice (albeit longer than anticipated) Autumn ride this morning and now, I’m helping myself to a huge ass bowl of Kelly’s homemade apple sauce with granola and enjoying the next hour or so of peace and quiet … Continue reading

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Stormy Thursday Vinyl

We’ve been having an enormous storm blowing over us all day.  There has been some menacing looking skies, vicious downpours and nautical gusts of wind, but in between fronts HRH  still managed to slip in our planned evening (20k) ride … Continue reading

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Friday Afternoon Vinyl (Part 3)

Kidzilla is back from camp and the pulled pork is still in the crock pot.  I made some good progress on the book project earlier and I just getting around to that pint of Brimstone Brewing Co.‘s ‘Indoor BBQ Table … Continue reading

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Belated Canada Day Vinyl (Part 3)

Having run the gamut of my Gordon Lightfoot albums, we’re now moving onto one of Canada’s more, shall we say, “obscure” artists, Joe Mendelson and his ‘Not Homogenized‘  album. Released in 1979, this might be one of the best little … Continue reading

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