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Drills/Easy Run (7k)

It’s Run Day again and it’s hot and muggy out again.  Oh joy.  (Note the sarcasm). And not just Run Day, but “Drill Day” to boot. Yes, that single day of the week where all my neighbors and visiting guests … Continue reading

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Easy Run (5.25k)

I completed a short 1000m drill swim this afternoon and it’s hot as all hell out right now so, yeah, why not go for a short and easy 5.25k run (3 x 1.5k easy run w/ 250m walking recovery) to … Continue reading

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Easy Run (5k)

This afternoon calls for an easy run.  We have to take HRH  to Burlington this evening meaning that running this evening when it’s cooler is a no-go so, hopefully, I don’t melt over these 5k worth of easy continuous running … Continue reading

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Fartlek Run (6.5k)

I’m still focusing on getting some short runs accomplished each week in an effort to do – I don’t know – something.  Anything.  I may as well throw in some drills as well because, hey, why not?  I’m keeping with … Continue reading

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It’s not often anymore that I get to do my He-man routine at the gym anymore but seeing as how the rest of the week certainly brings the suck with the running and the cycling, I’m using today’s shitty excuse … Continue reading

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Snow Shoveling

Mark it:  December 14th is the first day this “winter” I have to blow the cobwebs off the ‘ol snow shovel and hump white shit off the driveway. For some of my neighbors this is a joyful day, as being … Continue reading

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Functional Strength/Core

I’ve had a pretty good  training week despite working some nutty hours and today is technically my “recovery day” but I’m slipping in a nice and light functional strength/core set at the gym before settling in for the evening with … Continue reading

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