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Family Game Night (Part 2)

The bears and babies are still engaged in pitched battle on the family dining room table.  Time then more more vinyl, and since we started with an 80’s theme we’re continuing down that path with this next selection, the ‘Cargo‘  … Continue reading

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Functional Strength/Core

Now that long, boring ass run is over with I still have time for a quick functional strength/core session before teaching my Masters spin class, so what better way to follow up a proper Nick Cave “Gloomfest” than with the … Continue reading

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Long Run (10k)

Something wicked definitely this way comes as the entire Niagara Region is now under a severe weather warning and while this might be perfect for my official long Halloween-themed run today, the thought of getting caught in anything resembling yesterday’s … Continue reading

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Yoga Stretch

Four more days of “Iron Build” before the taper.  C’mon taper!  Sweet, sweet taper. Today’s tasks involved another early morning 73k tempo ride with lots of strong pulls at the front of the group into the wind and later on, … Continue reading

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After dropping HRH off with her dad, I’m taking an hour to myself to throw around the heavy iron at the Grimsby YMCA.  I’ve grown pretty accustomed to all the usual week night gym weirdos at the Port Colborne YMCA … Continue reading

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Halloween in Corporate Hell (Part 1)

No creepy-ass graveyard or old derelict manner house  is as scary as this office place on a Monday morning, let me tell you!  So I’m going with the flow seeing as how it’s Halloween and all and listening to some … Continue reading

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Easy Run (6.5k)

Now that the weather is a bit cooler, I’m looking to begin amping up my run workouts beginning with a bit more continuous running than I have the last month or so.  It’s just been too damn hot so that … Continue reading

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