Friday Afternoon Vinyl (Part 2)

My next selection this afternoon is a bit of a mystery album from my Cornball collection, something called the ‘Souvenir Album‘.


Luckily, Uncle Lance has the same eye for the weird, obtuse and nondescript albums as I do.  He found this album in a little used record store in New York City and there’s nothing on the album except that it’s of the Shawnee County Music Festival dated March 30th, 1965 and distributed by Audio House.

Oh, and it used to belong to someone named Charlene Brose as evidenced by the name scribbled across the cover.

That’s it.

The album itself is in perfect condition but there is no other information on it offering any clues as to what artists or bands are actually on it.  I determined that the Shawnee County Music Festival is an annual festival taking place in Shawnee, Oklahoma (which, apparently still goes on today) but any other attempts to find anything else about it on the Interwebs were unsuccessful.

The music is most certainly jazz and big band as is hinted by the big yellow trumpet on the cover (apparently created by someone named D.C. Brush) but that’s all I can really tell you about it.  It’s definitely fun listen though in that it serves as a pretty cool time capsule back to that day and time.


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