Wednesday Evening Vinyl (Part 2)

Kelly still isn’t home yet from work so we’re moving onto our next “mellow, but not mellow” record selection, something generously donated to HRH‘s growing collection of kick ass albums, ‘Animals‘  by Pink Floyd.


Believe it or not, this has been on her “To Find” list for some time now as it’s proven harder than you might think to find at a decent price.  So when Uncle Lance and Auntie Amy discovered they had a double and offered it to HRH, she was thrilled.

Bonus marks for having a little flying pig on the album cover too.

Loosely based on George Orwell’s book ‘Animal Farm’, Roger Waters’ third consecutive concept album (released in 1977) replaced Orwell’s critique of Stalinism with a scathing indictment of capitalist oppression in contemporary England.  The band derided by punks like the Sex Pistols as epitomizing “dinosaur” rock performed thick, rich protest music here, with some of David Gilmour’s most glorious blues playing amid bleak panoramas of processed sound.  Consisting of three long tracks book-ended by the gently acoustic ‘Pigs on a Wing‘, this was the first album Pink Floyd recorded in its own studio Britannia Row.

Personally, after ‘Piper at the Gates of Dawn‘, this may be my favorite Floyd album.

Two tracks are less than ninety seconds long and three tracks clock in over ten minutes long, which more or less guaranteed that the album would receive little to no radio airplay.  Regardless, the album was released to generally positive reviews in the United Kingdom, where it reached #2 on the UK Albums Chart. It was also a success in the United States, reaching #3 on the US Billboard 200 chart, and although it scored on US charts for half a year, steady sales have resulted in its certification by the RIAA at 4x platinum.

Big thanks Uncle Lance and Auntie Amy!

HRH  says you guys “rule the school”  and she really adores it.

(Edited: 06/30/18)

I decided that this album would be Part 3 of this afternoon’s pre-Canada Day vinyl celebration because, why the fuck not?

It’s hotter than a witches beaver in July and I have to run long tomorrow morning bright and early if I don’t want to end up an oily stain by the side of the road and, yeah, time now to be just be chill, relax and hydrate like a champ and for that sole purpose alone, there could be no better listening, believe me!


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