Saturday Vinyl

I don’t know what the hell I was thinking.  Hey, an Oasis documentary!  That’ll definitely be cool!  And, oh, it’s at the new FirstOntario Performance Art Center in St. Catharines?  Amazeballs!  And for only $10.00?  SWEET!  Everything is coming up Terry!

So I bought a ticket.

And then I saw it:  9:30pm.


Gawd.  What was I thinking?  I usually turn into a pumpkin come 10:00pm.  Shit, I’ll be lucky if I can stay awake through the opening credits.

In any case, I now have some time to kill before I have to eventually leave so why not listen to some stripper Jazz Boner music?  Yup.  You heard me correct:  stripper music.  Namely the ‘More How to Strip For Your Husband Vol. 2:  Music to Make Marriage Merrier‘.


I bought this yesterday from Record Theater in Buffalo, NY for $5.00.  I mean, how could I not?

I figured Kelly would love it.  How could she not?  She wants to make me happy, right?  How could I ever loose?  This will be a total win-win, and panties will be flying around the room in no time as I sidle back into my EZ-Boy recliner with a vodka martini.  Right?


How naive I am sometimes.

I mean, just look at how impressed she looks.

Anyway, in the late 1950s, the emergence of Playboy Magazine and the appearance of “nudie cutie” movies like ‘The Immoral Mr. Teas‘  had made burlesque seem passé in the eyes of many, and by 1962, the art of the striptease was far enough out of fashion to become a nostalgia item.  In 1959, ‘Gypsy‘, the musical about the life of burlesque star Gypsy Rose Lee, was a hit on Broadway, and two years later, Ann Corio, who had been a well-known “peeler” in the ’40s and ’50s, launched her stage revue ‘This Was Burlesque‘, which re-created the baggy-pants comedy and sexy dance numbers that were burlesque’s bread and butter.

The show jump-started Corio’s career and was in production in New York or on the road until the early ’90s; inspired by the success of the show, Roulette Records (who had released ‘This Was Burlesque‘s original cast recording) teamed with Corio to produce the 1962 album ‘How to Strip For Your Husband: Music to Make Marriage Merrier‘, an LP featuring a dozen sassy, rhythm-heavy numbers pattered after the musical accompaniment favored by vintage ecdysiasts, along with liner notes by Corio offering advice to women eager to put some spark in their relationships by learning to disrobe creatively.  The album did well enough to prompt a sequel, and this is it.

Sonny Lester arranged and conducted the orchestra for both albums, and had a hand in writing ten of the twelve selections on the first collection (the other two came from the Irving Berlin catalog).  This album, apparently, is significantly more subdued and features a few more outside writers (including an arrangement of ‘Lullaby of Birdland‘); it recalls a latter day big-band set, with noticeably more sophistication in its swing and a tight ensemble playing the charts with noticeable skill and enthusiasm.  However, it does make for some listening even though the same themes pop up over and over, and both then and now it provides effective accompaniment for aspiring amateur strip teasers.  After all as Corio herself says in the liner notes:  “Nothing looks better on a woman than anatomy!”

Damn straight girl, and I 100% concur.

Not that I’m seeing any of it at the moment though.


Just sayin’…


About crazytigerrabbitman

I am a fat guy and always will be in the same way they say that “once an alcoholic; always an alcoholic”. Eventually I got upset about my poor health and ballooning body frame so I decided to change things for the better. Some people sign up for Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or whatever fad diet program it is that happens to be occupying the majority of air time on the boob tube. Other people prefer to run out and purchase the latest, fold away, piece of shit being hawked by some celebrity has-been. Me? I decided to take up triathlon. I had abused my body over the years with bacon cheeseburgers, pints of beer and double-dipped donuts, and the time had now come to abuse my body with physical exertion, perseverance and hard work instead; penitence in it's purest form. The time had come to kick my ass. I am Terry Nash and I am the “fat and the furious”.
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