Friday Night Vinyl

We dropped HRH off at her father’s this evening and after mowing down burger with more bacon than should be legal at The Works in Burlington, ON, we’re home to…well, we’re home.  Kelly is working in the morning and Lords knows what I’m going to get up to but in the meantime we’re listening to the ‘I Could Rule the World If I Could Only Get the Parts‘  by The Waitresses.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

I know, it’s not really a “Christmas” album per se, but it does have Kelly’s favorite Christmas song on it, ‘Christmas Wrapping‘ which, of course, she knows all the words and fails to sing along to.  It’s ultimately why HRH and I bought this for her as a stocking stuffer last year (found at a Record Fair in Rochester, NY while visiting Uncle Lance and Auntie Amy), meaning, it’s been over a whole year since we’ve pulled it out to play.

The album actually isn’t even an album, it’s an EP released in 1982 that also features the song ‘Square Pegs‘  which was later used as the theme song of the popular yet short-lived television series (click HERE) of the same name staring a young Sarah Jessica Parker.

Aside from the ‘Christmas Wrapping‘ song, which I will admit is pretty damn catchy, the album, err, sorry, EP…is pretty lame.  The only other possible redeeming feature might be ‘Bread and Butter’ which isn’t altogether total shitballs.  What can I say?  I was never one for New Wave bullshit even back in the 80’s and this did record little to change my mind.

Even Kelly said “Wow.  That’s pretty crappy”.

And, yes, it is.

But it does have that one  song on it so, yeah, big whoop.  So while this might be a good nostalgia record for our collection seeing as Kelly loves the song and I like to see her sing along, if I were you I’d just skip it altogether, simply click HERE for the big tune and go purchase something else instead.

Consider this my Christmas present to you.

(Edited: 12/23/17)

Listening to it again today with fresh ears.


Still shitty.


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