Sunday Vinyl (Part 2)

We have time for one more album befor bed so we’re going with HRH‘s big score from this afternoon’s Record Fair:  ‘Studio Tan‘, by Frank Zappa.

Studio Tan

Taken while she makes new additions to the “List”, as inspired by my “Bible” (Mojo, August 1995).

Yes.  My 11-year-old owns a Frank Zappa album…on vinyl.


That’s step-parenting done right, baby!

I think I might even shed a tear.

This was an album that has been on her list for a few months.  When she found it upon entering the record fair in the first 30 nanoseconds of walking through the door, the vendor casually mentioned to us that all his prices were negotiable.

“What’s that mean?”, HRH  then asks me under her breath.

“It means he’s willing to negotiate with you one the price”, I said.

“Oh, cool!”,  she says.

So the guys says (with a nod and a wink):  “$20, eh?  Well, I might have paid close that for it.  How about $19 instead?”.

“Deal!”, HRH  says without hesitation.


Okay, so I have to teach her the “Art of Negotiation”.

Duly noted.

Anyway, ‘Studio Tan‘  is one of four albums culled from the ill-fated 1976 box set ‘Läther‘  and released by Warner Bros. without Frank Zappa having a word to say about the final product (including the horrible artwork).  The 21-minute opener, ‘The Adventures of Greggery Peccary‘, is the culmination of Zappa’s art of storytelling..something HRH absolutely revels in.

It’s a complex piece painstakingly assembled in the studio over three years, it allies the comedy rock of the Flo & Eddie era with the jazzy feel of ‘The Grand Wazoo‘ and the twisted prog rock of the 1973-1974 band.  Side One is totally dedicated to Greggery Peccary’ while Side Two features an intentionally stupid pop song, ‘Lemme Take You to the Beach‘, and the two instrumental pieces, one of which is ‘Redunzl‘  which is chalked full of Ruth Underwood awesomeness (which is the real allure for HRH).

The personnel is for the most part the same as on ‘Roxy & Elsewhere‘  so if you like the cartoon music and silly stories, it’s well worth your money.

HRH  is super happy anyway…$1.00 discount n’ all.


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