Flight DL315 from Minneapolis to San Antonio (Part 2)

There’s about an hour left in this flight and after OD-ing on the Da Blues so in an effort to snap out of this post blues funk and ensure that I don’t off myself upon landing, I’m listening to something a little more upbeat and, well, cheerful, like the ‘Rock + Soul = Genius‘  album by Ray Charles.


Nope…he’s not Texan.  I understand that.  But the grey and white bungalow at 2642 Eugene Str. in Dallas, Texas where Charles lived, practices and composed for five years in the mid-50’s still isl and that qualifies this album as “Texan” to me.  After all, how many classic Ray Charles tunes were given birth to inside those walls (state).

The album itself was actually recorded in Paris On October 21st and 22nd in 1961  which makes it about as well removed from being Texan as possible but, still, who knows where the crafting of the music actually took place.  It could just have well been over his backyard smoker in Dallas as some Parisian recording studio.  I’m choosing to go with the former.

The album is ripe with lots of Charles’ classics to prevent me from slitting my wrists including ‘Let the Good Times Roll‘, ‘Georgia On My Mind‘, ‘The Right Time‘, and ‘What’d I Say?‘ which ultimately brought gospel and R&B to a crossover audience and forever changed the course of popular music.


About crazytigerrabbitman

I am a fat guy and always will be in the same way they say that “once an alcoholic; always an alcoholic”. Eventually I got upset about my poor health and ballooning body frame so I decided to change things for the better. Some people sign up for Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or whatever fad diet program it is that happens to be occupying the majority of air time on the boob tube. Other people prefer to run out and purchase the latest, fold away, piece of shit being hawked by some celebrity has-been. Me? I decided to take up triathlon. I had abused my body over the years with bacon cheeseburgers, pints of beer and double-dipped donuts, and the time had now come to abuse my body with physical exertion, perseverance and hard work instead; penitence in it's purest form. The time had come to kick my ass. I am Terry Nash and I am the “fat and the furious”.
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