Speed Run (11k)

It’s cold, nasty and all kinds of shitty out.  At least it’s not snow so, hey, let’s go with it.  Today’s schedule calls for another 11k speed set along Thunder Bay Rd.  Hopefully, with it being so damp and moist out also means that I will be that more inspired to get it all over with and home again into a hot shower.  That’s the kind of workout I can endorse.  Later after work, it’ll be an early afternoon nap with then kid in front of ‘Shark Tank‘  before we start with dinner.  So with that in mind, I’m getting bundled up and heading out the door into the imminent crappiness forthwith.  To keep me moving, I selected another oldie but goodie from my university days:  ‘Leisure‘, by the shoegaze pop darlings Blur.

This, along with ‘Pills, Thrills & Bellyaches’ by the Happy Mondays, was my first introduction to the whole ‘Madchester’ crazy back in high school.  Plus, it’s has only, like, the best album cover ever.  It’s actually their debut album released in August of 1991 in the United Kingdom via Food Records, and then peaked at #7 in the UK Albums Chart. In reality though, it was released only at the tail end of the popular Manchester scene although I didn’t know it at the time (I was a bit late to the party apparently). Very apparent on the album however, is the whole (and newly emerging) ‘Shoegaze’ feel, particularly in tracks such as ‘Sing’ (which is pretty on par with any Syd Barrett type of warped psychedelia), ‘Repetition’, ‘Birthday’, and ‘She’s So High’. But it’s not all noise and drone, no sir, there are inspired upbeat tracks like ‘There’s No Other Way’, ‘Bad Day‘, ‘Come Together‘, ‘High Cool‘, ‘Bang’  and a cool extended mix of ‘I Know’  which I gleaned from the Remastered album released in 2012.

I have to say, today was an awesome run.  Not only was I feeling the juice today, but I also happened to be running through this low laying fog rolling in off the lake thick as camp fire smoke giving the whole landscape a rather surreal and eerie ‘Friday the 13th‘  kind of feel.  Needless to say that the inspiration was there to keep a steady pace through 4 x 1200m  and 3 x 400m  sets lest I should end up with a hatchet in the back of my head.


About crazytigerrabbitman

I am a fat guy and always will be in the same way they say that “once an alcoholic; always an alcoholic”. Eventually I got upset about my poor health and ballooning body frame so I decided to change things for the better. Some people sign up for Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or whatever fad diet program it is that happens to be occupying the majority of air time on the boob tube. Other people prefer to run out and purchase the latest, fold away, piece of shit being hawked by some celebrity has-been. Me? I decided to take up triathlon. I had abused my body over the years with bacon cheeseburgers, pints of beer and double-dipped donuts, and the time had now come to abuse my body with physical exertion, perseverance and hard work instead; penitence in it's purest form. The time had come to kick my ass. I am Terry Nash and I am the “fat and the furious”.
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